Webpage Programming Web Design

If you are looking to have a new website designed and need help, Steve can get it done! He can do everything from registering your domain name, to designing your website, as well as hosting your site afterwards.

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IVR Programming IVR Progrmming

Do you have a complex IVR programming requirement? Get in touch with Steve today to find help programming your new interactive voice response system. Steve can help you get your IVR up and running fast!

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Asterisk | PHP | C++

SEO Optimization SEO Optimization

Call Steve today to have him create a SEO campaign for your website. He can help set up analytics to help measure your website traffic and can show you how you can benefit from his SEO services.

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Google | Yahoo | MSN | ASK | And More

Database Design Database Design

If you have a database design requirement you need to build, call Steve today for his help. He can help you complete any variety of database requirements you could possibly have.

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MYSQL | SQL | Posgress

Networking Networking

Call Steve today to have him help you set up your new home network. Don't take the chance of setting up your new wireless network on your own, make sure it is locked down and secure, call Steve today.

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Microsoft Windows | Linux

Computer Service Computer Service

Whether you need an upgrade to your existing computer system, or a completely new one, I can hook you up! Give me a shout and I promise to give you the best prices humanly possible.

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Repair | Service | Maintain | Solution

Custom Programming Custom Coding

Get in touch with Steve to have him develop your software application. Find out how he can help you program and develop your new program meeting all of your software requirements.

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PHP | JAVA | Visual Basic

Consulting Consulting

If you are looking for an experienced individual in the computer industry with over 15 years of experience to do consulting for you, get in touch with Steve today and find out how he can help.

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Computer | Business Development

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

If you are looking to expand your brand Steve Simofi can help you grow! With lots of experience in building brand visibility online Steve can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Push | Pull | Digital | Mobile

Web Hosting Web Hosting

Call Steve today to host your website at great prices. Our servers are connected to the internet twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Let Steve take care of your website hosting.

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Bandwidth | Space | Email | Reliability

Usability Testing Usability Testing

Let Steve help you analyze and assess your websites ability to navigate customers through your site to a conversion or sale. Find out how you can improve your online customer acquisition.

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Checklist | User Acceptance | Preformance

Content Writing Content Writing

If you are looking to launch a new business but don't have time to write professional technical content for your pages, we can help. Years of experience let us get the job done for you.

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Technical | Custom | Professional

PPC Management PPC Management

Steve can help build and manage your Pay Per Click advertising campaign, and ensure that you are obtaining the highest amount of traffic at the lowest possible cost. Stop wasting money, contact Steve today.

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AdWords | Facebook | LinkedIn

Mobile Web Design Mobile Design

Steve can help you implement and deploy your website on the several different mobile web platforms. Get your web content designed for the mobile web fast and easy by enlisting Steve's help today.

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iPhone | BlackBerry | Android

SEM Management SEM Management

SEM management and optimization is vital for companies choosing to use Google AdWords, MSN Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads or any other paid online search engine marketing methods. Find out how Steve can help with your SEM campaign.

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AdWords | Yahoo | MSN