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Today Search Engine Marketing covers a variety of channels, including Google AdWords, Yahoo Ads, MSN Ads, Bing Ads, and more. If you need professional SEM management that won't break your bank, Steve can help. Years of experience in several market niches will ensure that your SEM campaigns are properly optimized with the highest possible conversion rates.

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World Line AdWords Management

Worldline is one of the fastest growing Internet Service Providers in Canada. While Search Engine Optimization and traditional marketing generate significant leads, Search Engine Marketing helps supliment by targeting a larger geographic area where people may not come across the brand.

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NEWT AdWords Management

NEWT is a leader in the business telecommunications PBX business phone system and business internet market. While leads are generated from SEO and other marketing methods, additional customers are attracted via Google AdWords and LinkedIn B2B advertising.

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While selecting the right keywords and keyword combinations is critical to your Search Engine Marketing success, it's also important to go beyond to achieve optimum preformance and lowest costs.


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Charter Miss Toronto AdWords Management

Charter Miss Toronto caters to full service yacht charters in the Toronto Harbour. Google AdWords advertising helps target potential customers with specific search terms to ensure that even those that may not appear via SEO are still covered and exposed to the service.

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