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Pay Per Click, or PPC marketing is now the most popular type of online paid advertising. If you want to ensure that you are obtaining the highest amounts of paid traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn or Google, at the lowest possible costs, contact Steve. Make sure you aren't losing out on paid conversions due to usability issues on your website, and get help to create custom landing pages that will make sure all of your paid traffic converts!

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Being one of the fastest growing Internet Services Providers in Canada, it's important to be on top of all Pay Per Click advertising options in addition to Search Engine Optimization and other traditional marketing methods. Advertising on Facebook and Twitter helps generate additional ad impressions and leads.

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As a leader in the business telecommunications industry, NEWT is committed to expanding their customer reach by exploring several different marketing mediums. Many custom campaigns were created with matching landing pages on LinkedIn, AdWords and Facebook.

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Pay Per Click, or Cost Per Click is the most common type of digital paid advertising online. Many search engines, social networking sites and private websites offer PPC advertising options.