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Steve is a thirty-something year old Internet marketing and SEO professional who lives an irregular, yet simple life. By day Steve works as a programmer and digital marketing specialist for Canada's fastest growing CLEC, and by night he's often found in his home-office working on his next big idea.

Steve has a combined 18+ years in the computer technology services and software industry. He started his first registered business at the age of 14 and has since been an aspiring entrepreneur. Steve currently has an educational background from the University of Waterloo, with a Bachelor of Arts and a degree in Honors Economics with a specialization in Econometrics.

Currently, Steve operates a successful computer business offering several computer, web and telecommunications related services. In addition to this he has been involved in a number of highly successful business development companies, some of which include 295.ca, Worldline, Fibernetics, 1011295 and Renters Hotline.

Steve's combined experience in past business development and wide area of knowledge help him to see the whole picture and piece everything together in a efficient and productive manner considering all key business elements.

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Take a look at Steve's portfolio for some more details on the companies he has helped develop and the web sites he's created for his many clients through out the years. If you have a business development company that needs a website created or requires search engine optimization, Steve is the guy that can help make your idea a success.

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Steve Simofi
Kitchener . Ontario . Canada

Phone: (519) 496-7378
  Email: steve@simofi.com

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  • Designed and maintain several mission critical applications.
  • Created over 50+ web sites!
  • Total processing of proprietary billing applications exceeds $100,000,000 monthly!
  • Successfully launched numerous companies.
  • President of RentersHotline.ca, one of the top 3 rental resources for rental apartments and homes in Canada.
  • Involved with the business development and growth of 295.ca, Canada's fastest growing ISP!
  • Involved with the business development and growth of Worldline, Canada's lowest rate long distance provider!
  • Involved with the business development and growth of Fibernetics, Canada's newest CLEC - Competitive Local Exchange Carrier!
  • Currently Digital Marketing Specialist for Fibernetics.
  • Deployed and operates several dedicated servers for hosting mission critical applications.
  • Successfully expanded online customer acquisition for several companies using Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
  • Developed several out of the box marketing ideas.
  • Hands on experience in several industries including, telecommunications, automobile, restaurant and hospitality, computer technology, web and online, manufacturing and more!