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As an expert in the search engine optimization field, Steve can help you fit together all the pieces of your dynamic digital marketing strategy. Using targeted promotion, effective media creation, captivating content generation and cost effective advertising campaigns, Steve can help your business presence increase exponentially online.

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Did you know that organic search engine traffic refers more website visitors and more converting website visitors than any other channel, including paid search and social media sources combined.


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Free Phone Line Digital Marketing

Free Phone Line is a hugely popular website promoting FREE long distance services across most of Canada. On going continual progress is being made extending the powerful brand using multi-channel contact points, social networks, sweepstakes, contests and out of the box viral marketing and social applications.

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Bud Phone -

Bud Phone Digital Marketing had a main focus of delivering a great user experience! This project shapes the conversation between brands and customers, literally! By blending the Budweiser Brand with Freephoneline and providing FREE long distance calling through Canada via a VoIP desktop application.

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Renters Hotline -

Apartment For Rent SEO

Digital Marketing has been a major key component in helping generate a very satisfied daily user base to the website. Marketing channels overlap several online areas on the internet as well as offline marketing mediums. Today the web site generates over 10,000+ unique visitors a day searching for and posting rentals!

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Doug Craig -

Doug Craig Social Media

Several categories of digital marketing were tackled to accomplish a winning success for the re-elected mayor of Cambridge, Doug Craig. These categories centered around social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, as well as a strong push towards newsletter enrollment.

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The top rated digital channels are Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search Marketing and Organic Social Media. Does your digital marketing strategy incorporate all of these channels?


Worldline -

Worldline Digital Marketing

Through the past several years Steve has been working on developing out of the box customized marketing plans combining push and pull marketing techniques from online media to organizing call center campaigns. Identifying, implementing and achieving new business efficiencies is an ongoing process.

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Bud Phone Mobile -

Bud Phone Mobile Digital Marketing

The main focus of Bud Phone was to efficiently integrate a mobile and desktop registration process that worked seamlessley in conjunction with both platforms. Online customer acquisition was a key factor of the success of this project combining e-mail, SMS and the traditional web.

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