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If you are looking for an affordable, reputable and reliable Search Engine Optimization service, Steve can help. There are many companies on the internet posing to be quality SEO experts, however don't be fooled or taken advantage of, SEO optimization shortcuts and mistakes can take years to recover from. With several years of SEO experience in multiple highly competitive niches, Steve can help your website get to page 1. Contact him today for a FREE website audit.

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Wanted For Rent -

Wanted For Rent Rental SEO is another website in the competitive market of rental properties, and with Steve's help has ranked top for several keywords such as Wanted To Rent,Renters Wanted,Wanted For Rent, and many more!

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Did you know that 70% of links that search users click on are organic - while up to 80% of users ignore paid advertising focusing on only organic results?


Worldline -

World Line Internet SEO

Worldline is in the competitive market of long distance and calling services. Steve has helped rank on page 1 of Google for several key keywords such as, Long Distance,Canada Long Distance, DSL Internet and many more!

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Free Phone Line -

Free Phone Line Telecom SEO

Free Phone Line has seen a tremendous increase in organic traffic and is also in the competitive telecom industry for keywords such as Free Phone,Phone Line,Online Phone, and several more!

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NEWT primarily focuses on selling business PBX business phone systems and business internet services. While this is an extremely competitive online niche, Steve has secured several page 1 keyword rankings that help generate increased leads and conversions.

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Typically SEO leads have a significantly lower cost per lead than outbound leads. Additionally they have an almost 10 times higher close rate as well.


Cloud At Cost -

Cloud At Cost Hosting SEO

Cloud At Cost is one of the lowest priced online virtual hosting and VPS service providers. With such a low priced service it was important to get the word out affordiably and efficiently. Traffic has more than doubled since optimizations were implemented.

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Renters Hotline -

Renters Hotline Rental SEO

Renters Hotline ranks on page one of Google for several internet keywords, such as Kitchener Rental,Waterloo Rental,Waterloo Apartment,Toronto Loft Rentals,Rental Apartments, and many more keyword combinations!

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Considering the fact the almost 70% of search engine users never go past the first page of results, it's critical that you have exposure for necessary keywords to help generate traffic to your website.


Charter Miss Toronto -

Charter Miss Toronto Boat Cruise SEO

Charter Miss Toronto is a lavish Toronto Harbour boat cruise charter. Another highly competitive niche with much of the competition trying to gain first page rankings for valuable keywords. Since efforts have started, organic traffic has grown month after month.

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Fibernetics -

Fibernetics Telecom & ISP SEO

Fibernetics is one of Canada's fastest growing Competitive Local Exchange Carriers with a strong company culture and corporate responsibility. While the websites primary purpose is not lead geenration, it still genarates a tremendous amount of traffic that has skyrocketed with SEO efforts.

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Telnet Communications -

Telnet Communications Telecom & ISP SEO

Telnet Communications is internet service and home phone service provider in Canada. SEO is a critical component in their plan to generate increased leads and a growing customer base focusing on several competitive internet and telecom keywords.

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Queens Landing Guest House -

Queens Landing Guest House Mobile Hotel SEO

One of Kitchener, Ontario's best bed and breakfast locations! With a limited budget it was important to work closly and understand the needs of Queens Landing Guest House in order to ensure Search Engine Optimization targets were met.

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When optimizing your website pages for search engines, the most important component to consider after the content is the page title.


Knollwood Gold Club -

Fibernetics Golf SEO

Knollwood Gold Club is a prestigious golf course with 36 holes of golf on 2 courses located in Ancaster, Ontario. Search Optimization efforts have helped the website rank on page 1 of Google for many important keywords in the region and beyond to attract new visitors.

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TriCity Orthodontics -

TriCity Orthodontics Dental SEO

TriCity Orthodontics provides orthodontic services to customers located in the tri-city region. Several new organic visitors are generate with SEO for multiple competitive keywords, including page one rankings for the keyword Orthodontics!

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