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As a search optimization expert, Steve often ask his clients; what good are 1,000 visitors to your website if they aren't converting? Often something as simple as a missing call to action, a broken link, or a non-intuitive menu layout can cause website visitors to leave your site before clicking the buy or contact link. Let Steve assess your site and provide valuable feedback on the level of it's usability.

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Free Phone Line Usability Testing

The entire administration interface of was overhauled to enable a more simple and functional control panel. A more clear, intuitive, and easy to use admin panel has resulted in less customer complaints, decreased technical service calls, as well as an increase in customer retention.

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Ensure consistent typography, colour and layout across your website to increase it's credibility. Poor quality content and spelling errors reduce trustworthiness and negatively impact visitors.


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Bud Phone Mobile User Experience

The blueprint of this user interface for this mobile website was laid out by myself before development began. With my help the website has become a super success with limited customer complains, tremendous registrations and fantastic customer reviews. An easy to navigate, to the point layout was the key.

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Bud Phone UX Design

Several usability testing enhancements were made to with my help. An entire re-vamp to the registration pages helped increase onilne registrations by more than two fold! Additional changes were made thought the site enabling a more satisfied user experience online.

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