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Commonly referred to as IVR, Interactive Voice Response technology ultimately allows a user to interact with a computer system and database using a traditional telephone and touch-tone features. There are several applications for IVR's, including automated attendant menus, voice surveys, questionnaires, automated calling, flight status checks and more. Contact Steve to find out how he can help make your IVR project a reality.

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Worldline -

Worldline IVR Auto Dialler

Worldline is one of the largest and fastest growing Internet and Home Phone service providers. As an extremely large project, platforms were developed to generate automated calls are placed to delinquent accounts requesting updates, as well as to provide information on new services and authentication.

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IVR's are capable of many functions including, collecting and recording digits from a caller in a database, recording call audio, analyzing caller ID information, call lengths and duration, as well as placing low cost calls over the internet.


Click Click Call -

ClickClickCall IVR Click To Call

Click Click Call provides a complex click to call service that allows users to copy a small snip of code on to their website which then allows visitors to place anonymous, free, long distance calls to the website owner. Additional benefits are gained by recording calls and providing in-depth analytics call detail records.

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Renters Hotline -

Renters Hotline IVR Custom IVR

Is one of Steve's oldest and most popular sites while also being one of the top 3 rental resources on the net. It also offers the only Rental Hotline in Canada! Property owners can call and record their property information, then provide the hotline number for renters to call and hear details.

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